Is There An Insurance App For That?

By now most folks in the insurance industry – at least the personal lines property/casualty insurance industry – have probably heard that Nationwide has launched an iPhone app for FNL (first notice of loss) of an automobile accident. From the Nationwide web site, the Nationwide iPhone App mobile capabilities:

  • Calls emergency services
  • Helps you collect and exchange accident information
  • Stores your insurance and vehicle information for easy lookup (by the way, I’d love a docking station for my iPhone in my BMW that automatically collects my vehicle data from the VIN to maintenance done and scheduled)
  • Locates Nationwide agents near you (of course, this app leverages the location based information in the iPhone)
  • Takes and stores accident photos (well, you have to take the photos – no lepechauns yet – and Nationwide states on their site they are not legally obligated to use these photos)
  • Converts your iPhone into a handy flashlight (isn’t there an app for that already?)
  • Helps connect with towing services
  • Helps you start the Nationwide claims process (if you are a Nationwide customer… this app works for people who aren’t Nationwide policyholders so this specific capability won’t come into play)
  • Finds Nationwide Blue Ribbon (sm) repair facilities

What Else?

Staying with property/casualty – either personal lines or commercial lines – what iPhone apps would make your experience easier with your property/casualty insurer? Perhaps something for new policy applications, claims other than automobile (homeowners is obviously a natural addition to the auto claims FNL, or what ??? For commercial property/casualty, fleet FNL is also an obvious extension but so is burglary, fire and what?

What insurance iPhone apps would you want or could you imagine?

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  1. Barry, this reminds me of the presentation by Safeco at the 2007 eInsurance Symposium on their teensurance product. GPS enabled, tracked speed, location, whether the car was in an accident. It’s interesting to see that in just two short years, you can some of that functionality (though without the tracking), through your iPhone.

    I’d be surprised if other insurers aren’t close behind on this one. Strangely enough, these types of services are a great answer for another topic in this group on what insurers can do to increase customers trust. The easier it is to interact with a company, the more willing a customer is to trust them. Part of this is because they are actually easier to communicate with, another portion is based on the fact that people rationalize their way to trusting people that make their lives seem better/easier, whether or not they are worthy of that trust.

    This is a great app, and I hope that Progressive hurries up and gets one if they haven’t already (i haven’t checked to see if they do, will though in a sec).

  2. Indeed a great application.
    I would probably add something on the personal side (it may be there already – I haven’t seen it). What I mean by personal is the choice right from the application to contact other people in my address book that I would typically contact in the case of an emergency – say my family. Or what if I am supposed to be somewhere else – I would like to launch a phone call or an email right from the application to advise my appointment that I will not make it. And yet another thought would be to open a chat session with someone (for minor accidents of course). What if I am unclear on what I am supposed to do? Someone can walk me through it – live or via chat.

    Great post.

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