Gourmet Magazine & Modern Bride … Gone!

I imagine most folks saw the news the other day that Conde Nast has decided to shut down four magazines including Gourmet and Modern Bride. My reaction to that news was whoa…. even though I’m not a gourmet and certainly not a modern bride. I have had the same reaction to my weekly ComputerWorld when it arrives. I have been subscribing to ComputerWorld for many decades and to see it shrivel down to its anorexic state is just … well just depressing. Yes, I do research and analysis of current and emerging technology’s impact on the insurance  industry. But to see the impact of the digital revolution on these traditional magazines is another matter.

I know, I know, you’re wondering about the ‘so what’ as it pertains to our insurance industry.

The ‘so what’ is fairly straight-forward. You and I both know hard-copy print is going the way of the dinosaurs except the magazines won’t be leaving society any future tar pits. So, here’s the thing: how many insurance company departments and field offices have left paper behind? How many agencies are now totally digital? How many claims adjusters are going away from paper?

How fast is the insurance industry moving towards totally – or even mostly – digital operations? Or are they waiting for Modern Bride to disappear? Hold on, it just did!

What about your insurance company or insurance agency? Are you off the paper-diet yet? Why not?

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