Over the 2009 Holiday Season we have the time to spend more time at home. Being together, listening to music and catching up on some of our reading.

One morning I glanced up from my reading and noticed a wall plug in our family room. It was not a power socket but rather a telephone dial-up connection.

When we built our home 23 years ago we wanted to make sure we could take our computers into the family room (or bedroom, kitchen or dining room) and connect our computer to the Internet. Through dial-up….

Those telephone dial-up wall plugs are vestiges of an earlier time to connect to the Internet.

Now our home also has Ethernet connections to the Internet and wireless Internet connections. My wife and I much prefer the Ethernet connection although it is another vestige of an earlier time. Broadband wireless is so obviously ‘now.’

One vestige of the past I’m happy to be rid of is my external 80 GB external storage unit. Now I use MozyHome and I set it up to back up my 14 GB three times daily.

Cords or cables between my laptop and printer are other vestiges I have happily put in the past. Thanks to wireless, I can use my printer without being tethered.

We have other vestiges ‘in the making’ of the past in our home. One of those vestiges is our collection if books. Most, if not all of them, could just as easily (but not financially) be replaced on an e-reader.

Our laptop computers might also be considered vestiges of a bygone time. For me, my iPhone is a critically important platform of functionality. But I won’t use the iPhone for everything. I still appreciate the form-factor of a laptop.

What vestiges of the past do you still own or continue to use in your home?

What vestiges of the past does your company still use that you would you be happy to see gone? (Hint: the legacy systems insurers use are obvious examples!)

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